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4Beat Media - The inspiration to produce this music documentary series was born from a need to spotlight art in a moment where the COVID-19 pandemic was closing doors to artists/musicians all around the world. The cancellation of shows affected thousands of musicians making it extremely difficult to work and do what they love the most, performing their art. Each video includes an interview section and a performing session where the audience can have the opportunity to learn more about each artist and see them playing their ‘magic’. Overall, the goal with this project is to design and produce thoughtful artistic creations that inspire, empower, and educate others, while fueling my creativity strength through the arts. I hope this video series can serve as a medium to elevate awareness on what it takes to innovate in the music scene and other artistic disciplines while expressing passion and commitment to living and breathing art.To learn more about 4Beat Media, please email me at fourbeatmedia@gmail.com

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This documentary episode was done in collaboration with Singular Sound, a music technology company founded by David and Eli Packouz, based in Miami, FL. I’ve been working as the Media Director for Singular Sound for the past few years and I'm honored I had the opportunity to make this collaboration a reality. In this interview/performance episode, Goran shares about his early childhood memories in his home country, Serbia, and the spark moment that motivated him to pursue a career in music. Goran is a Serbian/American drummer and the library content producer for the award-winning drum machine, the BeatBuddy, since 2013.

He continues to innovate in the music technology industry to support musicians/artists all around the globe to elevate their powers to perform and record music. He’s an incredible human and I was so honored to work with him on this project. Drum audio recorded and mixed by Goran Rista. Produced, filmed, and edited by 4Beat Media.

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"Digo" is a multi-talented musician from Mexico City who migrated to Miami, FL at the age of 16 with the

dream of becoming a professional musician. He's now a professional touring artist recognized for his unique musicality and his ability to switch between both instruments (guitar and bass) with ease. He's also the

co-founder of Miami's instrumental power band, Electric Kif, recognized for the infections grooves and remarkable chemistry. He has toured in the U.S., South America, Africa, and Europe, performing as a musician with multiple Grammy-winning artists and most recently with the Florida blues extraordinaire musician, Roosevelt Collier.

This music documentary unveils Digo's early days as a young musician and how his commitment to music innovation led him to pursue music as a full-time career. This interview/performance highlights Digo's philosophy behind sounds and his creative process to record new material during the pandemic. Additionally, it explores the impact and benefits of networking at an early age.

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This first episode series features the incredible drummer, bassist, DJ, and Bboy performer Daniel “Felix El Gato” Garcia. He's an artist based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and the bandleader of Fusik and part of the duo band Fenoms, two instrumental Funk projects recognized worldwide in the Bboy community. These two interviews/performances highlight his early days as a Hip Hop breaking Bboy, his passion for music, and his journey in merging these two talents. Felix also shares his influences as a drummer, the importance of becoming a great musician, and his philosophy throughout the years as an artist. His ability to define his dedication to his craft makes him one of a kind musician and an inspiration to many young talents looking to pursue music in the future.

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